How Do You Use IP Address 192.168 2.1 to Connect to a Router?

Use the Internet Protocol (IP) address to connect to a router by going to that address using a Web browser and then entering log-in credentials to access the router's portal, notes Computer Hope. This IP address will only work if the router manufacturer has configured the router to use it, so it's important to check the router's documentation for the correct router address.

Use these steps to connect to the router and access the settings.

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Using a Web browser, type "http://" followed by the IP address into the address bar, as someone would a regular website link. This should bring up a login screen as long as this is the correct address for the router. If no page loads, but the address is correct, check that the router is plugged into the network correctly.

  3. Log in
  4. Check the router's documentation or website to see what the default log-in credentials are. These may both be "administrator" or "admin," suggests Computer Hope. Enter the credentials and select the option to log in.

  5. Access the router
  6. After signed in, a setup wizard may open if this is the first time logging in to the router, notes CenturyLink. This process involves selecting the network name, security settings and channel to use, as well as changing the log-in credentials to something more secure.