How Do You Use a Free Invoice Word Template?


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Use a free invoice template for Microsoft Word by customizing the fields to include your name, the name of your business and your contact information. Click on the body of the document to enter in specific tasks, including necessary descriptions and the prices you are charging the client. Calculate the total amount due, and type it into the appropriate section.

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Each Microsoft Word invoice template is different, offering fields and formatting options that allow for varying amounts and types of information. In general, the method for filling out such a form is to click on the different areas and either directly type in your information or delete the example copy and replace it with your own. The first step is to add your contact details, including your name and phone number. Also add a unique invoice number that allows you to track the invoice at a later date.

The bulk of the invoice should focus on listing the billable tasks or projects for which you wish to receive payment. Include a name for the task, a short description of the process or processes and the amount you are charging. Some invoices may include a section for a rate and the number of hours spent on each task, while others may only ask for a total amount per project. Include the date in the invoice and a total of the amount the client owes you at the bottom.

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