How Do You Use the Free IntroMaker?

To use the IntroMaker for free, go to, select a theme, type a title, subtitle and URL, adjust the resolution and other settings, and download the video to your computer. The site doesn't require you to download software, register an account or provide an email. To use Biteable's free intro video maker, visit the official website, select a template, and edit the template online by clicking the Edit button.

The IntroMaker lets you instantly preview your video by clicking Preview Intro. offers free intro videos with a site title watermark at the bottom of the video. A paid option is available to remove the watermark. The IntroMaker offers MPG, MP4 and AVI as format options. Click Intro Themes at the top of the site to select an intro category.

Biteable's intro video maker software lets you add a video name, business name, credits and logo. After downloading your video, you can publish it to your own website and to social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Like IntroMaker, Biteable lets you create free videos with a watermark. For a fee of $99, as of 2015, you can download a high-definition, nonwatermarked version and edit your video for free within 14 days. You can edit the text, colors, pictures and music, and you can also upload your own photos or music.