How Do You Use Instagram Video?

How Do You Use Instagram Video?

To use Instagram video, open the application, go to Camera Mode, take a video, choose a filter, and share the video. To share a previously-recorded video, go to Camera Mode, select the video, and choose a segment of the video to share.

  1. Go into Camera Mode

    Open the Instagram application. Tap the blue camera icon, and then tap the black camera icon to open Camera Mode.

  2. Begin recording

    Hold the red camera icon to begin recording. Record the video, and release the button to end the recording.

  3. Share the video

    Click Next, and choose the desired filter. Share the video to Instagram.

  4. Share a previously-recorded video from your phone

    Enter Video Mode, and tap the box in the bottom-right corner. The box opens a list of the videos saved on your phone. Select the video you want to upload.

  5. Edit and share the video

    Instagram lets you share up to 15 seconds of video. Use your finger to choose a starting point on the video strip, and use the blue line to select an end-point. If you are using an iPhone, click Add to share the video. If you are using an Android, click the arrow to share the video.