How Do You Use Instagram?

How Do You Use Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile application available for download on Android, iOS and Windows 8 and above mobile devices. After downloading the app, create an Instagram account to start sharing and viewing pictures and videos from your mobile devices or computer.

  1. Download Instagram and create your account

    Download the Instagram app. Once installed, tap the Instagram icon to open it. Tap Register with Facebook or Register with Email to sign up for your free Instagram account. After creating your account, fill out your profile and select Done.

  2. Upload and share photos and videos

    Tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to start taking and sharing pictures. To share videos, select the video icon on the right. Take the photo or video and add effects, filters or captions by tapping the respective icons. Tap Share when you are ready to upload your photo or video to the Instagram community.

  3. Connect with other Instagram users

    Visit Settings to make your Instagram private or public. To search for other users or photos, click the magnifying glass icon and use the Photos menu to search for subjects with hashtags or the People menu to search by username. Click the Follow icon under a fellow user's profile to incorporate their posts into your feed.

  4. Use hastags

    Hashtags serve as portals to like-minded people and are the best way to attract new followers. To add a hashtag, take a photo or video and select a filter. After choosing a filter, type your hashtag (like "#football") in the Caption field. To tag a post you have already shared, include your hashtag in the comment section of your post. Clicking a hashtag allows you to view a page that shows posts from the community that used the same hashtag.