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As of November 2014, Internet Explorer 11 comes with all Microsoft 8.1 or later operating systems. IE 11 lets you tap the tile on the start screen, enter a website on the search bar and surf the Web. When IE 11 goes to the background, swipe the bottom of the screen or click on bar when using a mouse to make the search bar appear.

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The most basic task of IE 11 is to display websites. Input the URL in the address bar to go directly to a website. Enter a search term in the address bar, and click or tap Go to search the Internet with the default search engine on the browser.

Open many tabs at once to search multiple websites. The New Tab button on IE 11 looks like a + symbol. Switch between the tabs by tapping or clicking open tabs on the tabs bar. You can have up to 100 tabs open per IE 11 window.

Access multiple windows by having two IE 11 screens side-by-side. Open another window by clicking on the program's icon and choose Open New Window. Hold and drag one window to the right side of the screen, and take another screen to the left side using the same method.

Customize IE 11 by saving searches, bookmarking favorite websites and choosing the home page. Favorites can be organized into different folders. The home page denotes the first page IE 11 goes to when the program is activated.

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