How Do You Use HMDX Jam Speakers?


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To use HDMX Jam speakers, first charge the batteries. Once the speakers are charged, press the power button, and pair the speaker with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet or computer. Button controls for play, pause and volume are located on the base of the speaker.

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HDMX Jam Speakers are compatible with nonBluetooth devices that have an AUX output. To connect a device this way, plug one end of the audio cable into the device's headphone jack and the other into the speaker's AUX input. Devices connected via audio cable cannot be controlled using the play, pause or volume buttons on the device.

When connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, the HDMX Jam Speaker can be used as a speakerphone. Use the play and pause controls to answer and hang up calls. These controls can also automatically decline calls. The speaker automatically detects both incoming and outgoing calls, and pauses the music when a call comes in or an outgoing call is dialed. Speakerphone features are not available when the speaker is connected via audio cable.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning the speaker with a soft, dry towel. It cautions against using water or chemical cleaners, stating that these may damage mechanical parts inside the speaker.

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