How Do You Use Hashtags?


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Use hashtags on most major social media platforms to turn any word or group of words preceded by the pound sign, or hash, into a searchable link. This allows users to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords. Many major brands create hashtags to promote specific events or campaigns such as contests or promotions.

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There is no preset list of hashtags, but certain hashtags trend across social media at various times. The website Hashtags maintains a real-time list of which tags are popular. Creating posts around trending hashtags gives one the opportunity to gain visibility from users searching that trend.

Creating a brand new hashtag is as simple as putting the hash symbol before a word or series of words. Spaces are not allowed. If a hashtag contains multiple words, all the words need to be grouped together. Capitalize the first letter of each word to differentiate between words. Uppercase letters don't alter search results. Numbers are supported, but punctuation marks and special characters are not.

Hashtags play a vital role on social media when used within reason. They create incentives for people to categorize their posts, which in turn makes it easier for users looking for posts on the same topic to find content. Hashtags help distribute popular news to groups of people who may not have been actively searching for it.

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