How Do You Use Great Plains Software?

The best way to learn to use Great Plains software, known as Microsoft Dynamics GP, is to access the learning tools at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer center. A video called "Get Started With CRM" and two e-books called "Start Working in CRM" and "Give Great Customer Service With CRM" give you detailed instructions on the rudiments of the Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is business accounting software used in a number of countries. It is organized in basic series, each of which contains a number of modules. In addition, many add-ons complement the basics. Customization tools enable it to be used with non-Microsoft platforms. The program handles details of supply chain management, human resources, payroll management, financial management, manufacturing, project management, business intelligence and reporting, and sales and service management. The precise, customizable dashboards allow storage of comprehensive data in multiple sections with product information, reminders, links, learning resources, reports and other displays.

Great Plains Software of Fargo, N.D., released the first version of Dynamics in 1993. In April 2001, Microsoft bought Great Plains Software for $1.1 billion. It was one of a number of accounting packages that Microsoft acquired and grouped under the brand of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions.