How Do You Use the Great Clips Mobile Check-in Feature?


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To use the Great Clips mobile check-in app, select a location from the list of nearby Great Clips salons, enter your name and telephone number, and then enter the number of people in your group who plan to receive haircuts or other hair-related services. Customers cannot use the app if they want to get perms; instead, they must schedule appointments.

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The purpose of the Great Clips mobile check-in app is to save customers time. Customers who arrive at a Great Clips salon shortly after using the check-in app usually have less people in front of them waiting to receive service. In many cases, customers who use the check-in app already have stylists waiting for them when they arrive. Customers who show up a little late usually still receive service in a timely manner. However, people who request particular stylists may have to wait longer than usual.

The Great Clips mobile check-in app is available through the Google Play store and has a four-star rating, as of October 2015. Between 1 million and 5 million people have installed it. People who wish to install the app from the Google Play store must have Android phones with operating systems of 2.2 or higher. Those with iPhones can visit the Apple App Store to download the software, as well.

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