How Do You Use a GPS Vehicle Locator?


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To use a GPS vehicle locator, set up the device in the car according to the instructions, and turn the device on. Using a computer, locate the vehicle as the unit transmits a signal from the vehicle to satellites, triangulates the data and discovers the vehicle’s position.

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To discover the current location while in the vehicle, turn on the device, and allow a few minutes for the satellites to pick up the signal and triangulate the car’s position. Set a destination by typing in an address, and the device displays the quickest routes. Users can also search destinations by category, such as "movie theater," and the device shows the nearest locations.

Modern GPS devices can track the movement of a vehicle in real time and are useful for industries such as fleet management and public transport. GPS information can also help to recover lost or stolen vehicles.

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Unit uses radio transmissions instead of GPS to track vehicles. A technician installs the unit in the vehicle so that it is hidden in the car to prevent potential thieves from finding and disabling it. If a thief steals the vehicle, the unit is automatically activated when a report is filed, allowing the police to trace its location.

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