How Do You Use a GPS Coordinate Finder?


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To use a GPS finder, simply enter the address being searched for to obtain the coordinates for latitude and longitude. If an exact address is not available, many GPS finders have the option to click on a map of the general area of the location to retrieve coordinates.

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Google Maps is an efficient GPS finder. Once on the website, type the address into the search bar and hit the magnifying glass. Once the page reloads, look in the Internet browser's search bar; the coordinates are located inside the URL. If the address entered does not appear on Google Maps, simply click in the general area of the map where the address is located to bring up a pop up menu. Select the "What's here?" option to produce general coordinates.

Bing Maps operates similarly to Google Maps, but the coordinates are displayed prominently on the screen instead of in the URL. Additionally, a menu selection is not needed when clicking on the map; instead, a click provides instant coordinates.

The iPhone provides the ability to determine the user's current coordinates thanks to its Compass app. For this to work, access the Setting menu, choose Privacy and turn on Location Services. Find the symbol for the Compass app, and change the Location Services preferences to be on while using the app. When the Compass app is opened, coordinates are displayed.

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