How Do I Use Google Maps to Look at a House If I Know the Address?

How Do I Use Google Maps to Look at a House If I Know the Address?

Google Maps began working on mapping in 2005. As of 2014, Google Maps has road maps for nearly every location on Earth and is diligently working to complete the entire planet. Depending upon the speed of your Internet connection, it takes approximately 30 seconds to view a house if you already know the address.

  1. Open Google Maps, and enter the street address

    Open a web browser and enter the address for Google Maps. As of 2014, the address is The website loads, and a blank box appears in the top left corner of the screen. Type in the address of the house you wish to view. Hit the enter or return key on your keyboard.

  2. Select Earth

    The webpage loads the data and zooms in to the location of the house and its immediate neighborhood. The view is from above. As Google continues to improve the map functionality, features improve, but depending upon the location of the address, the screen image may include property boundaries, building locations and 3D perspective buildings. In the bottom left corner, there is a small, colored square box with the word Earth on it. Click that box. The image changes and now displays aerial or satellite imagery.

  3. Use the mouse to move the image and zoom in and out

    Holding the left mouse button, you can drag the image around. Scroll forward and back with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

  4. Go to Street View

    In the top left corner where the address was typed, click on the box with Street View in it. This changes the view again. You are now looking at the address from the perspective of a vehicle. Street View is recorded by Google vehicles with cameras. These views are from the perspective of the road. While it is possible to pan and zoom just as it was with the Earth view, it is not possible to move the image to see it from some position other than the road.