How Do You Use Google Analytics?


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Google Analytics is an online service that provides users with information and statistics regarding the amount and the source of website traffic. To be able to accrue and analyze the data, a user first needs to add a JavaScript code to the website for which the traffic needs to be analyzed. Once the code has been added, a user can monitor various types of data on the main dashboard.

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After a user sets up a Google Analytics account, he is able to create a profile for his website, whereby a snippet of JavaScript code is generated. This code, known as Google Analytics Tracking Code, can then be added to every page of the website. Whenever a visitor browses a website that contains the code, it collects the relevant information and transmits it to a data-collection server. Websites that use a content-managing system, including the ones based on a blogging platform such as WordPress or Tumblr, propagate the code automatically, whereas custom-made websites typically require manual insertion.

Once the code is inserted, a user can access the main dashboard, from which he can peruse detailed reports about visitors, content and traffic. If he uses the website to sell products or offer services, the Ecommerce section provides him with information regarding transactions, merchandise and revenue. The dashboard also allows a user to select a specific period of time he wishes to analyze, in addition to letting him compare two different time periods.

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