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GoldWave can be used to play songs, record sources, clip audio recordings, reduce the amount of noise in the background of audio, process audio effects and help remaster a variety of files. It can be used with a variety of computer programs and can be used after a simple installation process; it has various walk-through tutorials that explain how each feature can and should be used.

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GoldWave is a program that is most commonly used with the Windows operating system. It is optimized for that particular system and functions best when it is being used on the specific system that it was made for. GoldWave's user interface makes the selection and creation of various audio issues an easy task. It is able to copy files from CDs and other audio sources into files on a computer.

The system, unlike many others of its kind, is completely customizable by the user. It can be used for simple tasks such as listening to music and picking up tones in the audio; it can also be used for complicated tasks such as a complete remastering of old vinyl records with reduction in white noise and an increase in the clarity.

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