How Do You Use a GMC VIN Lookup?


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The first step to using the GMC VIN lookup is to identify the GMC vehicle identification number that needs researching. Locate the vehicle identification number on the small metallic plate attached to the driver's side of the dashboard near the windshield.

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Another place you might find the VIN is on a sticker or small plate fixed on the inner frame of the driver’s door. After obtaining the 17-character vehicle identification number, open an Internet browser, and access the GMC VIN decoder website. The website has a field provided to enter the GMC vehicle identification number.

Enter the number, and click the decode button located to the right of the space provided. The GMC VIN decoder Web page then displays the information related to that unique vehicle identification number. Scroll down the page to view all the specifications related to the vehicle.

The displayed information splits the VIN and displays the World Manufacturer Identifier, Vehicle Descriptor Section and Vehicle Identifier Section. Other information decoded after looking up the vehicle identification number includes the manufacturer, brand, model and engine data. This page also provides the year of manufacture, the plant or region, and the sequential number. You can also view the full vehicle history report.

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