How Do You Use FTP?

How Do You Use FTP?

To use FTP or File Transfer Protocol, you must access an FTP site, download the FTP files from that site or upload a file folder to the site. File Transfer Protocol is utilized to transfer files over a network connection. FTP is commonly applied to access online archives, exchange files between user accounts or to post digital pictures on social networks.

  1. Access an FTP site

    Open your browser to access an FTP site. In the address bar, enter the URL of the FTP site starting with "fttp://." In addition to entering the FTP address, some sites provide direct links to access their FTP pages.

  2. Open or download files on the FTP site

    When on the FTP site, you may open or download files through a simple click of your mouse. Double-click on a file or folder to open and view its contents. To start a download, right-click on the file and select Save Target As.

  3. Upload a file or folder to an FTP site

    Certain permissions are required to upload files to an FTP site. If uploading permission is granted from the site’s owner, you are required to log-in to the site with your provided username and password. To log in, open the FTP site, press ALT on your keyboard, click file and select Login As. Enter your username and password to Log On and copy and paste your files directly to the FTP site.