How Do You Use Froogle Shopping?


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To use Google Shopping, visit google.com and set up a Products Listing Ads campaign in your dashboard. Google changed the name from Froogle several times until deciding on the name Google Shopping in 2012. The exact method to use Google Shopping depends on whether you are using it for personal reasons or business purposes.

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If you are using Google Shopping to purchase products, simply visit Google.com/Shopping and search for a product of interest. If you are using Google Shopping to advertise and promote products, just visit Google.com and create a Google Merchant Center account and an AdWords account. The AdWords account allows you to manage your campaigns while your Google Merchant Center account enables you to create Product Listing Ads or PLAs. These PLAs help you sell you product.

Upload a detailed file of all your saleable products to your Google Merchant Account and link this account to your AdWords account. Use Google Merchant Center to manage your PLAs. Define your product categories by selecting characteristics from your product feed. Every PLA includes an image, price, your business name or store name, and the product name by default. You can also set up additional attributes including promotional text and special offers. After picking these attributes, set up a shopping campaign in your AdWords account to manage your PLAs.

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