How Do You Use the FreeStyle Freedom Lite?


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Use the FreeStyle Freedom Lite blood glucose testing meter by loading a compatible test strip into the device, obtaining a small blood drop and collecting the blood drop using the test strip. After waiting a few moments for the device to process the information, read your blood glucose data on the screen. Once you read and record your data, wash your hands, and remove the used test strip.

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A normal, healthy blood glucose reading on the FreeStyle Freedom Lite corresponds to between 60 and 240 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood. A reading below 60 mg/dL suggests that you may be hypoglycemic. A reading above indicates hyperglycemia. If the device reads "LO," it means your reading corresponds to a blood glucose level below 20 mg/dL, which indicates severe hypoglycemia.

If you get a reading from the FreeStyle Freedom Lite showing you are either hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic, insert a new test strip, and repeat the test. If your new results still show irregular blood glucose levels, contact your healthcare provider for advice.

While you can keep track of your blood glucose readings however you see fit, FreeStyle provides a number of convenient options to manage your blood glucose data. All FreeStyle Freedom Lite devices come with a log book for recording entries. FreeStyle also provides Freedom Lite owners with a free download of its Auto-Assist software. Auto-Assist can read data directly from the device using a data transfer cable, and the software also provides graphs and other visual aids for tracking your blood glucose.

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