How Do You Use a Flash Drive?


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To save files to a flash drive, insert the drive into a USB port, select the files, and paste or drag the files to the flash drive. The flash drive should pop up automatically when inserted into the computer.

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How Do You Use a Flash Drive?
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A flash drive usually has a cover or the end flips open to protect the end that goes into the computer. Once exposed, the metal end fits into the USB port. The drive needs to be pushed in firmly so it fully connects.

A box appears on the screen showing any files already on the flash drive. The user double clicks on the existing files to make changes to them. The flash drive needs to remain in the USB port to save changes made to the files. To transfer those files to the computer, copy and paste them from the drive to the desired location on the computer.

The file transfer process also works the other way. Files stored on the computer are copied and pasted to the flash drive. Another option is to click and drag the files to the drive. The file transfer needs to be complete before removing the flash drive.

When finished using the flash drive, pull it straight out of the USB port. Put the cover back on or flip the flash drive so the metal end is covered.

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