How Do You Use a FixMeStick?


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To use a FixMeStick, insert it into a USB drive on your computer, initiate the program once the prompt appears, and restart the computer. During the rebooting process, it should automatically scan for threats and eliminate them. Once the process completes, remove the stick from the USB drive.

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FixMeStick is capable of removing threats that are immune to standard software antivirus programs. It accomplishes this by using a separate operating system running on the stick, allowing it to bypass the operating system installed on the hard drive that contains infected system files. It completes the removal process before the malware has the chance to initiate when the operating system boots. The stick doesn’t store the detected viruses on itself, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination when using it on multiple computers.

As long as you maintain a subscription to the FixMeStick service, the device automatically downloads the latest virus definition updates before starting the scanning process. As of 2015, you can use the FixMeStick on three different computers as many times as necessary during the subscription period, whereas the trial version lasts only 30 days. The Pro version of the FixMeStick is more expensive, but removes the limitation regarding the number of computers. FixMeStick supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and is also available for Mac computers.

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