How Do You Use Fax Software on Your Computer?


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Computer fax and scan software functions by converting paper documents to a digital format and then transmitting the document through a fax modem or sending the document to an online service that converts the file into a format recognized by fax machines. The steps needed to install, configure and use fax and scan software may differ from one application to the next. Refer to the software manufacturer's instructions to find detailed instructions for using computer fax software.

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The basic process of using fax and scan software is relatively simple. Documents are scanned in the same manner used to create a digital copy suitable for use as an e-mail attachment. Photographing documents with a digital camera may also be an option for those who lack access to a dedicated scanner. The document is then forwarded to an online service that will transmit the file through a fax modem connected to a conventional telephone line.

To send and receive faxes from a computer using the Windows operating system, connect the fax modem, or configure the fax server. Click on the Start button, and then select the Windows fax and scan option from the All Programs menu. Click on Fax, and New Fax to launch the Fax Startup Wizard.

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