How Do You Use FaceTime?

To contact someone using FaceTime on an iPhone, enter her phone number or email address. If already on a call, tap the FaceTme icon to invite the other user to a video call. You can also launch a video call via FaceTime by tapping the video icon within the Contacts app.

To enable FaceTime on your compatible iPhone, visit Settings, and scroll to FaceTime. The application uses your carrier-assigned phone number, but your email address can also be entered with your Apple ID. To launch the application, open the app on your home screen and sign in using your Apple ID. To use FaceTime with your iPad or iPod touch, navigate to settings, then FaceTime and proceed to sign in using your Apple ID.

FaceTime, Apple’s video-calling application, is available on the iPhone 4 (or later), iPad 2, iPad Mini (or later), the fourth-generation iPod touch (or later) and Macs with OS X v10.6.6 (or later). Through the app, you can participate in audio and video calls with other FaceTime users. Connections are made through your cellular data plan or available Wi-Fi connection.

To connect with someone through FaceTime with an iPad or iPod touch, add the individual as a contact using the Contacts or FaceTime app. After creating the contact, enter the individual’s designated email address to connect with her through FaceTime and select the video icon during the call.