How Do I Use Facebook Credits to Buy 21 Coins for Facebook Games?


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Facebook credits are often given in the form of gift cards, which can be redeemed on Facebook and then used to buy coins and other currency in individual games. Facebook credits can also come from individual credit or debit purchases within games to acquire coins and other specific game currencies.

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  1. Credit your account

    If you have been given a gift card, you need to visit Facebook's redemption page and enter the number on the gift card. This automatically funds your account, and you can use the money for any game on Facebook. If you wish to spread the credit across multiple games on Facebook, purchase a gift card and redeem it.

  2. Select your in-game currency

    Real-world money can be translated into game currency when you log into the game. When you wish to purchase coins or other currency, just click on that item in the game. Your credits are available and show you how many coins you may purchase in the game.

  3. Complete your purchase

    Follow the prompts in the game to purchase the credits. Once you click to finalize the purchase, the coins or currency appear in your account for that game, converting your real-world credit into Facebook game coins.

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