How Do You Use Excel?


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You can use Microsoft Excel by entering your information, and then formatting it to create spreadsheets for organizational or analytical purposes. The program offers an assortment of models, formulas and tools to present and track data in a variety of ways.

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  1. Create a new workbook

    On the File tab, select New. Under Available Templates select Recent Templates in order to reuse a previous template, Blank Workbook for the standard spreadsheet, My Templates to create your own, and Office.com to download a template from the web. To enter data, click a location on the worksheet and type the data within the cell. Press enter or tab to move down or to the right.

  2. Format numbers and apply cell borders

    To format cells for currency, dates and percentages highlight the cells and right-click. Select Format Cells and adjust the settings as you wish. To create borders, highlight the cell or range of cells and on the Home tab, select the arrow and choose the style that you want. You can also change the font style, size and color under the Home tab.

  3. Filter and sort your data

    To filter your data, select the column or cells you wish to organize and under the Data tab, select Filter. Click the arrow in the column header, and choose from one of the filter choices. To sort, click the A to Z icon or smallest to largest to sort alphabetically or by size.

  4. Create a formula

    To apply formulas, enter an equal sign in the desired cell. Enter the applicable numbers and operators to apply the calculation. For example, 2+2 adds the numbers to produce 4, while 2/2 divides the numbers to produce 1 in the corresponding cell. To apply formulas to other cells, enter the column and row number of the respective cells along with the operator.

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