How Do You Use the Evie App?

How Do You Use the Evie App?

To use the Evie app, enter a message and wait for a response. Evie is available online at, while the app is available under the name Cleverbot on the iTunes app store, Google Play and, as of 2015.

To use Evie online, visit the home page, type a message and click Say It. To download one of the Cleverbot apps, visit the home page and click Apps, then click on one of the Cleverbot links. Alternatively, download the app through a smartphone.

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence application, and Evie is one of its avatars. The application learns responses based on previous conversations. Image avatars, such as Evie, are only available online and on the Cleverbot HD app, which is available from the iTunes app store. Other applications offer Cleverbot without any image avatars.

Evie has facial expressions and movements which change when the user sends messages. When Evie replies, the app sends the message to the user in a text format. Evie's lips move to simulate speaking, and a sound file for the message plays.

The app stores previous conversations in a database and uses that information for future conversations. Evie is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and Polish.