How Do You Use Equibase Entries Plus?


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Users can use Equibase's Entries Plus program as an analysis tool using data that is collected on it based on individual race entries. The program integrates compiled data with an engaging user interface system that allows for easy comparison between current race data with past performance information. Entries Plus provides data on every horse participating in any particular race and links them to their independent Profile Page which contains in-depth information regarding performance.

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Equibase's Entries Plus program displays data using a combination of color bars, line graphs and bar graphs. The color bar represents data on every participating horses' lifetime statistics, including starts, average earnings per start, total earnings and wins. Larger color bars indicates that the horse has more statistical data on file.

The line graph displays data on an individual horse's last six races that allows the program's users to compare each race to see if there is an upward or downward trend. This section of the Entries Plus programs allows the user to choose which horse is displayed.

The bar graph data displays the same set of information that is shown on the color bar data set, with the difference being horses with more data are indicated by a taller bar height.

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