How Do You Use an EMR Template?


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Use an electronic medical records template to bring uniformity and organization to the data a medical practice collects through customization, planning and an understanding of the practitioner's needs. Templates allow you to choose the exact information you need to gather from patients using the electronic medical records system to generate all the necessary forms.

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An electronic medical records system serves as a digital replacement for paper medical records, allowing nurses, doctors and administrators to enter information about a patient into a single database and access it from any other computer terminal. Many of these systems include a records template for the practice to use as a starting point for creating its own forms, covering a wide range of common questions and including numerous customizable fields. As such, it is important to modify the form to ensure that it captures all the appropriate personal and medical information for each patient and does not include any extraneous or irrelevant details.

Every electronic medical records system features its own interface and methods for customizing the template. During the customization process, you should consider the overall nature of the practice, the types of physical and mental conditions you commonly monitor in your patients and the various diagnostic questions you may ask. Also, consider the purpose of the form when customizing, as a new patient form should cover different details than a follow-up exam form.

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