What Is the Use of the EditThisCookie Extension?


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The cookie editor EditThisCookie lets users limit or charge the information they reveal about themselves to websites they visit. It also gives them a better tool to delete some cookies than what Internet browsers offer.

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Cookies track users' personal information in several ways. They can track what website referred a user to another website or other information such as previously viewed merchandise. This is how advertising hubs can tailor what users are shown to what they are interested in. It is also why when a user comes back to a website where he was shopping, he can still find whatever was in his shopping cart even if he doesn't have an account on that website. It is also how a website can keep a user logged in the next time he visits the website. Some of these ways cookies track user can be useful, but others may be disliked by people who value their Internet privacy highly.

Popular Internet browsers don't always come with precise tools for removing only undesirable cookies while keeping useful ones. EditThisCookie gives users greater freedom to modify which cookies they allow and which they don't. This can also be useful in speeding up a user's Internet browsing, because too many cookies can slow down a browser. EditThisCookie gives users a method to delete some cookies and speed up their Internet without logging them out from all of the websites they commonly use.

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