How Do You Use the Eclipse MP3 Player?


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To power on the Eclipse MP3 Player, push the ON/OFF switch into the ON position, and hold the PLAY/STOP button for three seconds. Pressing and holding the MENU button allows access to various modes of the device.

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The Eclipse MP3 Player is a budget music player that is available in four colors and priced at $29.99, as of July 2015. This player has a variety of features, including a Music mode, Photo mode and Movie mode. To adjust the volume in any mode, press the VOL button, and use the PREV and NEXT buttons to decrease or increase the volume, respectively. To charge the MP3 player, switch the device into the ON mode, and plug it into a computer's USB port. For full battery power, the Eclipse requires around six hours of uninterrupted charging time.

When entering the Eclipse MP3 menu, use the PREV and NEXT buttons to toggle the different modes. To continue to a specific mode, hit the MENU button once more. Selecting the Settings mode in the main menu allows for Eclipse customization, such as LCD brightness and language. With the Tools mode, the calendar and time can be set and the firmware version can be updated.

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