What Do You Use Free Digital Copy Codes For?


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Free digital copy codes provide consumers with additional ways to watch purchased disc-based media. The digital copy can be played on devices that do not have optical drives and accessed when the disc is unavailable.

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Free digital copies included with media purchases offer several benefits to both the consumer and the content creator. The consumer is able to watch the digital copy on a computer, smart phone or tablet. In some cases, the digital content is streamed over the Internet.

Providing free digital copies benefits the content creator by enticing more customers to buy disc-based media. Customers may see either the disc or the digital copy as a bonus feature depending on their preferences, and offering media in both a traditional format and modern format allows the content creator to remain competitive and relevant in a changing industry. It also curtails piracy; by providing a digital copy of media, consumers may refrain from illegally creating or obtaining a copy elsewhere. Distributing digital copies via a code also ensures that a copy is only redeemed once; this helps content creators retain control of digital distribution and encourages consumers to purchase new products, which is desirable since content creators do not profit from second-hand media sales.

Digital copies are typically tied to user accounts, which allows content creators to observe the viewing habits and preferences of consumers. This information is valuable to the entertainment industry as it informs them of what types of media are desirable and undesirable to a wide range of demographics. From there, content creators can produce media tailored to these demographics.

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