How Do You Use the CSX Mainframe App?

To use the CSX Mainframe app, download the app, create an account, launch the app, click Get Started, select Applications, and tap Connect. This application is downloadable to the iPhone, Android-powered devices and personal computers with Windows or Linux operating systems.

Download the Citrix Receiver app, and choose to add an account. To create the account, enter the address of the configuration file, and click the Next button to move on. To obtain access, enter the resource access control facility identification number. Select to add the domain as CSX. The CSX mainframe session is now set up on the mobile device and ready to use.

On installing the application, tap the application icon to launch it, and click the Get Started option. Enter a username and password to open the main workspace screen. Select Applications, and choose the application that needs to be worked on. Tap the Connect option to connect to the work computer. This displays the desktop of the work computer.

Navigate and use the desktop computer via the application. The Citrix Receiver application is a simple, secure access to business applications, information technology services and desktops.

Similarly for other platforms, download the specific receiver, run the executable file, and install. Once installed, authenticate, and use the virtual desktops and applications.