How Do You Use a Credit Application Form in PDF Format?


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To use a credit application in PDF format, print the form and fill it out normally, or type your entries directly into the PDF if the file has interactive text fields. Interactive PDFs can be printed out and completed like regular PDF forms.

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Open your credit application in PDF format using a quality PDF-viewing program, such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader. Print the file by clicking on the File drop-down menu and selecting the Print option. A print menu appears, giving you options such as how many copies of the credit application to print, whether to print in color or grayscale and whether to print in high- or low-quality. Click the toolbar icon with a picture of a printer to print the credit application using default settings.

If the PDF credit application has interactive fields, you can complete most of the application on the computer before printing. Using your mouse, click on each text field, and enter your information. For clarity, most PDF-viewing programs display interactive text fields in different colors from the rest of the document. After filling in all of the necessary text fields, print the document. Confirm your identity by signing your name on the application in the appropriate field.

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