How Do You Use a CradlePoint Router?


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A CradlePoint router allows you to create a wireless connection to the Internet by becoming a middle-man between your modem and your WiFi-enabled device. You can connect using one of several types of modems, including mobile broadband. This is a quick process that should take just minutes to complete.

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  1. Connect the router to a modem

    If you have a mobile broadband modem, plug it into the USB port found on the back of the router next to the factory reset button. If you have a satellite, DSL or cable modem, plug it into the WAN Ethernet port, which is colored blue and located next to the USB port.

  2. Plug it in, and turn it on

    Plug the router into an electrical outlet using the provided power supply, which should be securely plugged into the back of the router next to the power switch. Put the power switch into the "on" position. If the power icon on the front of the router illuminates blue or green, it's connected properly.

  3. Establish an Internet connection

    Look for "CradlePoint WiFi broadcast" on the available wireless connections list on your WiFi-enabled device and connect to it. Alternatively, you can use an Ethernet cable by plugging it into one of the four yellow-colored Ethernet ports on the back of the router and your computer.

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