How Do You Use the Computer Ruler?

How Do You Use the Computer Ruler?

The computer ruler is used for managing the horizontal spacing for paragraphs, columnar data and tables when using Microsoft Word or similar word processing programs. The white numerical area on a ruler represents the typing space. Big tick marks on the ruler indicate half-inch points, and smaller marks represent measurements of 1/8 inch.

Markers on the left and right sides of a computer ruler represent the left and right paragraph margins. When a user drags the markers toward the white area of a ruler, it increases the margins for the paragraphs, which, in turn, causes the paragraph to hold fewer characters.

When users press a tab on the keyboard, in some programs, they automatically tab over 1/2 inch. Although not seen, regularly spaced tabs are established by default. However, the default clears instantly if new tabs are set.

New tabs are established by clicking the point on the computer ruler where the new tab should appear. Users can move the tab marker to the left or right to adjust the setting. To remove a tab, the marker for the setting is dragged and dropped in the area beneath the ruler.

A computer ruler is utilized for setting columns as well. Widths for columns are noted by white spaces on the ruler while in-between spacing is defined in gray. The gray space between columns is referred to as the gutter. Moving the pointer on the ruler to the gutter area allows users to alter the columnar widths.