How Do You Use a Computer?


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A computer can be used to complete work, save photos, store memories and access the Internet. However, the elderly or other beginners may be stumped on how to use a keyboard, how to update their device or how to turn the computer on. By learning these basic functions, the computer's realm of endless possibilities opens up.

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  1. Turning the computer on
  2. While generally turning the computer on differs from model to model as well as between Windows or Mac computers, all of them will feature a large power button in prominent view. The power button tends to be circular and includes a half circle with a vertical line across the top, according to computer resource Digital Unite. This button may or may not be lit. By pressing and holding it for a moment, the computer turns on.
  3. Typing on the keyboard
  4. Once the keyboard has been plugged in (typically to the back of the computer), it is ready for immediate use. The letter and number keys can be used to type information while the navigation keys are an alternate means besides the mouse to travel across websites or other pages, Microsoft notes. Function keys like "F1" through "F12" all have different purposes while control keys like "Alt" and "Ctrl" can bring up the task manager.
  5. Updating the computer
  6. From time to time, the computer will require updates in order to keep functioning. As long as the user has an Internet connection, these updates generally just require that the user grant them permission. Windows users can keep their computer up to date by toggling the settings to the "Install updates automatically" option, according to computer resource PC World.
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