How Do You Use Codes to Program a Cox Cable Remote Control?

Turn on the secondary device you wish to control with your Cox remote, press and hold the setup button on the remote until the power button blinks twice, enter the device code, and press the power button on the remote to turn the device off. Codes are available at

If the remote fails to turn off the device after you enter the device code, repeat the process using a different code. Most well-known brands have dozens of codes for each kind of device they manufacture, whereas merely offers lists of TV codes by manufacturer or brand and not specific models and their unique codes. Consequently, programming codes into your Cox remote entails a bit of trial and error. features remote control technical support as well as users' guides and corresponding lists of television codes for compatible remotes. Cox issues different models of remotes according to location, and entering your ZIP code at automatically retrieves a list of remotes most commonly associated with your geography. has lists of remotes and the most popular codes for TV, DVD, cable, satellite and VCR, also listed by manufacturer or brand. The required technical steps for programming Cox cable remotes with codes are, for the most part, standard across brands and devices. However, there are exceptions, such as the M4078 and AT2300.