How Do You Use ClassDojo?


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ClassDojo is a classroom management system for teachers that may be set up for computers, Android devices and interactive boards. This tool can help teachers instill and reward good behavior in students, can be used to share data and may help students with listening skills and class participation. It is also a time management tool for teachers.

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A primary use of ClassDojo is to improve student behavior in the classroom. Teachers set up their classes using this software and assign different avatars to students. In a classroom, it can be used in conjunction with a whiteboard. The app contains a list of behaviors. When a student behaves either appropriately or inappropriately, teachers can send immediate feedback with the different sounds made when their avatar gets clicked. Good behavior gets rewarded; teachers can choose different ways to reward the students with the most positive points.

The ClassDojo system also can be used to share data with parents because the software can track each student's behavior. Teachers can generate a behavior report and send it to the parent. Using this system, teachers can save time in the classroom by not having to make written reports on behavior. ClassDojo has many other features, such as Trendspotter and a timer. It is also useful for encouraging listening skills and class participation.

To use ClassDojo in the classroom with the whiteboard, teachers can use a phone, computer or another device to click on the appropriate sound which is heard in the classroom. The application can be useful for both elementary and high school students.

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