How Do You Use a Ceiling Light Remote Control?


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Use ceiling light remote controls by installing the ceiling light, configuring the light to work with the controller, choosing the settings desired and pressing the corresponding buttons on the remote. Because of the large selection of lights and controls available, the process may vary somewhat between models.

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Most ceiling lights require professional or at least knowledgeable enthusiast installation due to their hardwired nature. The light must be installed and receiving power to begin the configuration process. Some models feature switches or buttons on the light that users must toggle or press to allow the remote to find a proper frequency for operation. A light on the remote often indicates when a connection establishes properly. Others may only operate on one frequency, and users may test the connection by powering on and off the unit.

The process for selecting the settings and using the buttons on the remote to dial in the correct amount of lighting varies by model. Press the power button to toggle the light on or off. Ceiling lights that use remote controls with dimmer dials or buttons may require careful fine tuning to get just the right amount of variable light. Ceiling fans with lights may have additional buttons on their corresponding remotes for fan speed and operation. Specialized fan-and-light controllers may also be necessary for two-wire systems that do not have a dedicated wire for powering the light, which many three-wire systems possess.

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