How Do You Use the Camera on a Laptop?


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To use the built-in camera on a Windows 8 laptop, press the Windows button, click the Camera icon, and select Photo or Video. To use a MacBook camera, launch Finder, go to the Applications folder, and open PhotoBooth.

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Access the photos and videos you created using the camera on a Windows 8 laptop by visiting the Camera Roll folder in the Pictures library. To use the camera for video calls or instant messaging, download voice-over-IP applications, such as IM+ or Skype, open the software, search for contacts, and click the Video Call icon. IM+ allows you to connect with Yahoo or Facebook.

To use your Windows 8 laptop's camera for home surveillance, download a home surveillance application that offers a surveillance function over a local network free of charge. The application may require you to subscribe to access cloud services, such as automatic email notifications, when your webcam identifies motion. After downloading the application, place your laptop at a location that gives a full view of the room, and adjust the application's settings.

When using a MacBook camera, the green light beside the FaceTime camera starts blinking when it's ready to take photos. Add special effects to the pictures by selecting Effects in Photo Booth, and press the red camera icon to take photos. Photo Booth also allows you to record videos using the camera.

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