How Do You Use Call Waiting for Incoming Phone Calls?


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To use call waiting for incoming phone calls, disconnect the present conversation or put that person on hold and take the new call when the call waiting tone beeps. Alternatively, disregard call waiting, which directs the call to the answering machine or activates an automated message.

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To end the present conversation when the call waiting tone beeps, disconnect the call normally. This causes the phone to ring again. Now receive the call as usual and begin talking to the new person.

To put the present conversation on hold, press the Talk or Flash button or hang up switch quickly to put the person on hold. This brings the new caller on the line. Click the hang up switch again to restart conversation with the first caller. To disconnect one of the two calls, end one of the calls normally, wait for the phone to ring again and receive the remaining call.

To ignore call waiting, disregard the beep and wait for it to stop indicating that the caller has hung up. Usually, after a few rings the call gets diverted to the answering machine for the caller to leave a message. Alternatively, the caller hears an automated message asking him to try calling later.

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