How Do You Use Call Recording Software?


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The specific methods for using call recording software vary between programs, though most involve launching a the application before beginning the voice call on your computer and clicking the Record button to capture the audio. Some VoIP programs also include built-in features for recording the calls.

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The basic concept behind a call recording program is to capture the video or audio of the call taking place on your computer for review at a later date. Some call recording programs only work with a specific program, such as Call Recorder for Skype from eCamm. To use this program, you must first install Skype on your Mac computer and sign in to your account. Launch the program and choose to either enable the automatic recording, which begins recording every Skype call as long as the program is open, or use the manual record function. The program identifies the audio channels going out of and into Skype to record only the audio from the call.

Many VoIP calling programs, which allow you to speak to anyone on a traditional phone line through an Internet connection, offer call recording as one of its features. For example, Ring Central includes an automatic call recording option as one of its default configurations, as does TeleDesk. Other programs, such as VRS or TRx, work in conjunction with other Web phone or call center programs to capture audio through a direct recording interface.

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