How Do You Use Call Forwarding on Your Mobile Phone?

How Do You Use Call Forwarding on Your Mobile Phone?

Forward calls from a mobile phone by using a code set up by the carrier combined with the phone number to which the calls need to be forwarded. Some carriers do not use codes, however, instead allowing users to control those features directly on the handset.

Call forwarding allows users to receive calls at another number than their mobile phone when it is more convenient.

Step 1: Determine the forwarding code for the carrier

Each carrier uses slightly different codes. Still others, such as T-Mobile, allow customers to control call forwarding from their device's internal menus.

Step 2: Set the forwarding

Dial the code for the wireless carrier and then enter the phone number that the mobile phone number is to be forwarded to.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation

No matter which wireless carrier is the active one, the system should offer some sort of confirmation that the forwarding is fully in effect.

Step 4: Test the forwarding

To be certain the forwarding is working properly, call the mobile phone number from a different phone. If the forwarding is set up correctly, the call will route to the number the phone was set to forward to.

Step 5: Remember to cancel the forwarding

Once the forwarding is no longer necessary, cancel the forwarding. Each carrier has a different code for this, as well.