How Do You Use a Bluetooth TV Adapter?

How Do You Use a Bluetooth TV Adapter?

To use a Bluetooth TV adapter, connect it to your TV through the stereo input socket. Once you have connected the adapter, the TV emits a Bluetooth signal. This means it is now ready to be connected with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Before you connect a Bluetooth adapter to your TV, make sure the adapter is fully charged. A fully charged Bluetooth adapter can work continuously for four hours with your TV. It can take between two to three hours, depending on the Bluetooth TV adapter, to charge it fully.

After connecting the Bluetooth adapter, turn on your TV and turn up the volume. Set the input to a DVD or video channel to ensure that Bluetooth sound and video does not interfere with the TV shows and sounds.

To confirm that you have set up your Bluetooth adapter successfully, turn on a Bluetooth device, and set it to discoverable. Your TV should pick up the bluetooth device and start streaming instantly. If this does not happen, start the procedure once again untill you get it right.

Connecting a Bluetooth adapter to your TV gives you a chance to connect and control additional devices from your TV without the clutter of wires.