How Do You Use Bluetooth on Your TV?


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A compatible television set can use Bluetooth technology to pair itself with various peripheral equipment that adds to or improves its functions. A 3D television set, for example, require Bluetooth to connect to the peripheral active-shutter glasses that allow the viewer to see the images being displayed in full 3D. Other peripheral equipment that connects to a television set using Bluetooth include various gesture-based remote controls or standard Web interface tools, such as a keyboard and mouse.

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How Do You Use Bluetooth on Your TV?
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As of 2015, not all television sets can utilize Bluetooth technology to connect to peripheral equipment. Customers looking to use Bluetooth with their televisions are required to own compatible sets, such as LG televisions with Bluetooth compatibility or an Android TV.

Television devices that utilize Bluetooth technology offer several advantages compared to products using infrared for connection. A Bluetooth peripheral does not require a line of sight to the receiving device and does not receive interference from light sources inside a room. Bluetooth peripheral units that can be utilized with a television set include the Roku 2 XS remote, which is usable for gesture-based gaming. Users looking to access the Internet through their televisions can also connect keyboard and mouse sets via Bluetooth.

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