How Do You Use Bluetooth on a Samsung Galaxy S8+?


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To use the Bluetooth functionality on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone, access the Bluetooth settings via the Notification Panel, and select the desired Bluetooth device with which you want to connect. Make sure to turn on the desired Bluetooth device before scanning for it.

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How Do You Use Bluetooth on a Samsung Galaxy S8+?
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To access the Bluetooth settings, swipe your finger downward from the top of the screen to open the Notification Panel, and tap the Bluetooth shortcut. If the shortcut is not present in the main panel, swipe your finger to the right to find it. After accessing the Bluetooth settings, tap the On button and wait for it to turn green. Turn on the Bluetooth device and ensure that it’s set so that other devices can detect it. On the Samsung Galaxy, tap the Scan button and select the desired Bluetooth device from the Available Devices list by tapping on it.

If a prompt regarding passkeys pops up, verify that both devices share the same passkey, and tap OK. Older Bluetooth devices sometimes require users to input a PIN code before a connection is established. In most cases, the PIN code is four zeros. In case that fails, consult the documentation that came with the Bluetooth device to determine the actual PIN code. To disconnect the devices, tap the gear icon in the Paired Devices section of the Bluetooth settings, and tap Unpair.

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