How Do You Use Bluetooth With a Laptop?

use-bluetooth-laptop Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

To use a Bluetooth device with a laptop, enable the Bluetooth functionality on the laptop, set the Bluetooth device so that it sends a wireless signal, and pair the device with the laptop through the Control Panel. If the laptop doesn’t feature a built-in Bluetooth adapter, add one via USB.

Activate the external Bluetooth adapter by plugging it in a USB port on the laptop, or turn on the built-in Bluetooth functionality via a Bluetooth or wireless switch. In case the Bluetooth device doesn’t activate the pairing mode automatically once you switch it to discovery mode, enable it through the software menu, or follow the instructions from the manual that came with the device. For Bluetooth devices that don’t feature a user interface, press the button with the Bluetooth logo that’s usually located at the bottom of the device.

To pair the device with the laptop, open the Start menu, select the Devices and Printers option, and click on the Add a Device button. Once the laptop detects nearby Bluetooth devices, select the desired device, and click Next. If prompted, enter the pairing code to enable communication between the laptop and the device. After the pairing process is complete, let the operating system install the necessary drivers automatically. If that fails, insert the CD or DVD that came with the device, and install the drivers manually.