How Do You Use a Bluetooth Headset?


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Charge the Bluetooth headset completely and switch it on by pressing or sliding the power button. Follow all applicable pairing instructions to pair the headset with a mobile phone or any other Bluetooth device and begin using it for calls or music.

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Enable Bluetooth on a mobile phone or Bluetooth device and make it discoverable. Power on the headset and wait until the pairing indicator stops flashing, indicating that it is ready to be paired with a nearby Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth headset should appear under the list of available Bluetooth devices within range. Select the Bluetooth headset and enter the correct passkey to pair both devices. Once paired, both devices remain paired whenever they are powered on.

Use a paired Bluetooth headset to listen to music when paired with a music player, mobile phone or laptop. Multifunctional Bluetooth headsets receive calls wirelessly when paired with a mobile phone. These headsets pause active music tracks during incoming calls and resume them after a call ends. In addition to volume control options, each headphone typically includes call control options and a built-in microphone. To get a dependable performance from a Bluetooth headset, ensure that it is within range of the paired device, usually within 33 feet.

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