How Do You Use a Battery Cross Reference Guide?

A battery cross-reference guide is used to determine the size, name, capacity and voltage of a certain type or brand of battery in order to purchase correct battery replacements for devices, such as watches and electronics. The cross-reference guide is a table chart that is used by finding the battery brand and following the corresponding battery equivalent from the different listed manufacturers. There are many battery cross-reference guides available online from websites, such as Duracell and Batteries in a Flash.

In order to use a battery cross-reference guide:

  1. Find the brand and model of the battery
  2. Using a cross-reference guide, locate the brand of the current battery that is being used from the top row of the chart. Following the brand row down, locate the model number of the battery in the column under the brand name. Once the brand and model is found on the chart, follow the row across the guide chart to locate the battery's equivalent among the brands listed.

  3. Find the manufacturer and model of the device
  4. Compatible batteries for devices can be found by using the device information if the battery information is not available. For instance, a replacement battery for a Citizen watch model 1010A can be found on Batteries in a Flash by entering the devices information rather than the battery information. Choose the device, manufacturer and model number from the drop-down menu to locate the battery model for chosen device. Once the battery information is acquired, proceed using the cross-reference guide in step one.