How to You Use Band in a Box?

How to You Use Band in a Box?

To use Band-in-a-Box, users must first download the software off of the PG Music website. The price will vary, depending on how many hours of RealTracks users select.

Begin by selecting a piece of music on the Song button. Try to choose printed music that has chords, words and melody, as this will make it simple to enter into Band-in-a-Box. After selecting a piece, analyze it, and enter some basic settings. Select the style of the piece by clicking on the Style button. There are multiple options, but generally PNOSIMP3 is the simple choice if the piece is in 3/4 time, along with PNOSIMP4 for anything in 4/4.

Next, select the key signature of the piece. This typically is the part that requires some musical expertise. Beginners can try using a basic book of musical theory or a musical dictionary to figure out the key signature.

Sometimes, a piece is marked with a specific tempo. Standard pieces are typically be in Andante, which indicates that this is moderate tempo. If this is the case, enter a tempo value around 95. Adjust if needed.

When finished, play the song back to make sure that it sounds as intended. Make adjustments, or change the number of times a section of the song repeats. Files can be exported as either MIDI or audio files.